Trading is often important in the Ironfell universe. It can help forge new alliances and allow you to trade a surplus of goods for those that you need.

How to tradeEdit

There are 5 units that can trade: a Knight, a Warrior Prince, a Prince At Arms, Queen , or an Explorer Caravel. To trade, you must move any one of these units next to any unit or building of the person you want to trade with.  Initiate the trade using right click (or tap and hold for android) and click 'trade' on the drop down menu.  You can also demand tribute or give gifts by not putting values in either your or their side of the trade menu. When you are done selecting values, you click done and they'll either accept or decline. You can not spawn resources by you putting over what amount they have and then them accepting.

Trading PostsEdit

Ask around about if there is a Trade Post, Trade Network, or Trade Keep/Castle setup. Chances are DaButler will have one setup somewhere. These are usually "Knight Only" to keep everyone relativly even and to disuade people from destroying everything.