Grass Edit


Buildings (except Stone Walls, Stone Traps, and Thrones), Units, Stone Circles, Keeps and Castles can be built on this tile. Trees only grow on this type of tile.

Hill Edit


Only Tunnels and Units can be built on this tile.

Mountain Edit


These are natural barriers--nothing can be built on these, nor can anything move over them. Units with ranged attacks, however, can attack over them.

Shallow Water Edit


Only Bridges (built by a Carpenter) and Ships (produced by a Shipyard) can be built here. All naval units can sail in shallow water.

Deep Water Edit


Naval Cogs and Bridges are no good here--Naval Carracks, Herring Boats, Explorer Caravels, and Flagships are needed to sail in deep water.

Stone Floor Edit


Stone Walls, Stone Traps, and Thrones can be built on this tile, and can be found in Keeps, Castles, and custom realms.

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