The Battle Arena is the Roman Colosseum of the Ironfell universe.  Players are invited to participate in various forms of battle inside specially designed castle realms.  The victor emerges with not only his honour, but also a hefty reward for entertaining the host.

The host is justice. The host will decide if any rules are breached and will take appropriate action against those who stray from the rules, disqualifying the player if they refuse to heed warnings.

Battle ArenasEdit

The original Battle Arena castle was set up by Milkman. The castle was cleared of all walls and was designed as a clean slate for battles of epic proportions.

Shortly afterwards, Yellow103 created an arena.  It never took off due to its small size.  There was also a wager system in which each oppenant would give a certain amount to the operator.  The winner would recieve what they payed, and half of their oppents fee.

Another Battle Arena castle was built by DaButler. This castle retained some of its walls, creating obstacles and barriers to promote interesting and varied tactics.

Battle Arena RulesEdit

Below are the rules for the various battle types:

Regular BattleEdit

  • A princess and explorer are brought into the arena. They are moved into one of the starting positions.
  • The aim of the game is to kill the enemies' princesses and defend your own.
  • Once the princess is killed, that player is no longer allowed to attack or build, and that player is out.
  • Last princess standing wins the battle and gets to take the princess back home!
  • Additional rules:
    • Both team battles and free-for-all options are available, depending on the number of willing participants.
    • An iron limit may be imposed, limiting the amount of iron you may spend in that battle.
    • A unit limit may be imposed, limiting which units are allowed to be built and used.
    • An area limit may be imposed, limiting the areas within the castle that are allowed to be used during the battle.
    • A 2 minute ceasefire may be called at the beginning of the match, where players are not allowed to attack each other until the ceasefire is over.'

Pizza RunEdit

  • Formerly and formally known as Assault the Keep
  • This battle requires 4 participants: 3 attackers and 1 defender.
  • The defender is required to start with a princess and an explorer.
  • The attackers are required to start with an explorer only.
  • The defender is given a 10 minute head start to build a base to defend his princess.
  • The attackers are then given 20 minutes to destroy the defender's base and kill the princess.
  • The attackers win by killing the princess within the time limit.
  • The defender wins by keep their princess alive for the entirety of the time limit.


  • Each player is given a set number and/or type of units.
  • The aim is to completely wipe out the opposing player(s).